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A nearly 300,000-square-foot research lab and biomanufacturing complex would replace a group of industrial tenants in a planned redevelopment of a 15-acre property near the MBTA’s Anderson Regional Transportation Center in Woburn.

Boston-based Cabot, Cabot & Forbes proposes a two-building complex on the site at 216 New Boston St. and 225 Merrimac St., with both buildings including a mix of office, lab and manufacturing space.

The properties at 216 New Boston St. and 225 Merrimac St. currently are developed with two industrial buildings and include spaces occupied by manufacturing, distribution and landscaping companies.

CC&F proposes subdividing the site into two parcels, including a 6.5-acre parcel that would include 82,500 square feet of lab and manufacturing space and 39,300 square feet of office space. The 8.3-acre second parcel would be developed with a 100,600 square feet of lab space and 67,000 square feet of office space.

The complex would be served by 702 parking spaces and requires special permit approval by the Woburn City Council.

The Woburn RTC, located across the railroad right-of-way from the site, would be made accessible to the development with a proposed sidewalk built along a realigned New Boston Street in coordination with the city’s New Boston Street bridge replacement project.

The property is located within the 245-acre Industriplex Superfund site and will require environmental remediation before any work begins, according to application materials.

300K SF Life Science Complex Would Replace Woburn Industrial Cluster

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