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Airbnb is appealing a judge’s ruling on Boston’s new ordinance regulating short-term rentals.

The San Francisco-based company filed an appeal notice in Boston federal court Monday.

A federal judge last month temporarily blocked Boston from imposing two provisions challenged by Airbnb, but allowed the city to impose a $300 a day fine if a company like Airbnb or its rivals like HomeAway or VRBO collect fees on rental units considered ineligible under the new rules that took effect in January.

Those include income-restricted rentals and properties frequently violating municipal regulations. The judge’s ruling notes San Francisco and other cities impose similar fines.

An Airbnb spokeswoman said the judge’s decision should have gone further in blocking the ordinance. Boston previously agreed not to enforce contested provisions until the court case is resolved.

Airbnb Appealing Ruling on Boston’s Short-Term Rental Law

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