Tips for Apartment Renters

Even though rents have stabilized in some markets, and even dropped a bit in others, many tenants either don’t make enough money to pay what landlords are asking or don’t meet the credit qualifications.

Remodeling ROI Not Always Great

Hopefully, owners who chose to remodel their bathrooms are enjoying their new spa-like retreats. If they were hoping to sell their homes for more, they likely won’t come out ahead.

Fraud, Fraud, Everywhere Fraud

While late-night TV scams and robocall schemes are coming under increased scrutiny by state and federal officials, new real estate-related swindles continue to come to light.

Loan Comparison Sites Not All Fair

Uncle Sam’s chief financial watchdog agency has fired a warning shot across the bow of consumer-facing comparison sites and mobile apps that steer consumers to the lenders that pay the sites the most.

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