Buyers: Know Your Share

Many of the nation’s largest real estate firms still do not publish the share of the commission paid to agents who work with homebuyers, leaving buyers to fend for themselves.

Tax Appeal May Bring Big Savings

Property taxes are rising right along with the cost of food, gas and other necessities. One main difference: You won’t have to wait for inflation to come down to lower your property taxes.

Taking Buying, Selling to New Heights

Two hot new trends in real estate – designing and buying a custom home sight-unseen, and having your home renovations paid for by someone else – could become forces in 2023’s housing market.

Selling Need Not Be a Divorce Issue

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to real estate. Each deal is different, and rarely does one go off without a hitch. But when it comes to divorce, selling a house becomes that much more complicated.

Catching Up on Hot Topics

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s time to follow up on a few of the hottest topics this column covered since the first of the year. Here’s what happened to several of them.

Selling a Furnished House Can Be Problematic

Selling a property fully furnished is fairly common in vacation-home markets, where a house without furnishings can become a chore for buyers rather than an immediate retreat. But it’s probably not a smart decision most anywhere else.

Lies Your Agents Tell You

“The check is in the mail” is one of the great lies of all time. Real estate has its own set of lies, especially among agents who want to list your house for sale.

Survey Unpacks HOA Gripes

An estimated 74 million home and condominium owners now live in properties governed by associations of their fellow residents. And a new survey finds 4 out of every 5 folks living with an association would just as soon live elsewhere.

Cons and How to Spot Them

Confidence games come and go. But some seem to go on forever. And some real estate cons are worth remembering, if only because how successful they were.

How to Exit a Sales Contract

There are a bunch of ways to get out of your contract if you get cold feet. But failing to show up at the scheduled closing is not one of them. It’s wrong, and you could open yourself up to lawsuits.