Banks’ DEI Efforts Start to Take Off

A year and a half after protests against racial injustice rocked America, banks’ efforts to respond with concrete action are starting to flower with collaborations between numerous lenders launching in recent months.

Offensive Deed Language Targeted

A little-known but highly effective legal group is working on drafting model legislation that would help property owners remove discriminatory, restrictive covenants from their deeds.

Zoom Opens Doors for Diversity in Architecture

As architectural firms switched to work-from-home models in early 2020, executives worried about lost opportunities to ramp up racial equity programs in an industry where Black employees comprise just 2 percent of the workforce.

Baker Must Be Held to Account

A timely and effective rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations is critical to righting Massachusetts’ economy and enabling the state and its businesses to exit this never-ending state of crisis. And somehow, Charlie Baker bungled it.

Firms Make Strong Start on DEI

The local real estate and banking industries are big ships that turn slowly. But when they begin to move, as the many actions featured in this week’s issue of Banker & Tradesman show, the results are impressive.

Appraisers Face Wake-Up Call on Race

Today, many of these neighborhoods house Black and immigrant populations that have been excluded from an aspect of the American dream – building wealth through equity. Most recently, the spotlight came down on the role real estate appraisers might play in perpetuating undervaluation of homes in some neighborhoods or owned by people of color.

Realtors Grapple with New Hate Speech Rules

In an unusual, if not unprecedented, move for a major trade organization, the National Association of Realtors has taken full ownership for any and all discriminatory actions taken over the years by the 1.4 million agents and brokers for which it speaks.