COVID Won’t Eliminate Two Major Problems

The banking and real estate industries are grappling with massive uncertainty about the future of their businesses right now, but COVID-19 won’t change two things: the imperative to help fix systemic racism and stave off dramatic climate change.

Diversity is Not a Cost Center

Since George Floyd’s death, many banks have leapt forward with billions in pledges to communities of color. Those actions should be praised, but lenders must look beyond addressing racial diversity and economic inequality with charity if they want to thrive in a changing America.

Can More Diverse Boards Help Fix Segregation?

The national examination of our country’s racist past has sparked growing interest and debate over dusty, decades-old zoning rules suburban communities in the Boston area have thrown up over the years to bar construction of apartments and affordable housing.

A Missed Opportunity for CRE Industry

In the Boston-area commercial real estate development, brokerage and architecture sectors, equity and inclusion efforts have been slow to gain traction despite a decade-long economic expansion and steady job growth.