Christina Mullen FlorenceChristina Mullen has been promoted to the position of loan servicing manager and bank officer at Florence Bank.

In this new role, she will be responsible for the management of the loan servicing department, which includes the training of staff, adhering to compliance regulations, creating procedures, customer service, and creating efficiencies within the department.

Mullen, who has been with Florence Bank for 14 years, was named a recipient of the Florence Bank President’s Award in 2012.

“Christina has been a member of our loan servicing department for over 14 years. She has the experience and expertise needed for her new role, and we are delighted to promote her to this position,” Cheryl M. Scully, senior vice president and director of operations and technology at Florence Bank, said in a statement.

Florence Bank Promotes Mullen To Loan Servicing Manager

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