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When you need it all, this is it. We provide the most comprehensive, functional online database of real estate data. Every sale, every property is cataloged here. Get complete comps, generate marketing leads, access official property characteristics. Search sales and mortgage history going back more than two decades. This is the premier product relied on by real estate agents, lenders, appraisers and government officials for years.



Track the foreclosure market with our comprehensive on-line service. Quickly and conveniently see what properties are falling into foreclosure. Track auction dates. Identify short-sale opportunities. This is a must-have service for anyone working in the foreclosure market.


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Try our online, quick-start lead generator. Perfect for smaller direct-mail campaigns. Reach new homeowners, track buyers by town or property type. Then quickly download your own customized mailing list — all within mere minutes!


Mortgage MarketShare Reports

Track how your lending record is against your competitors’. Who is making more loans? Who is lending more dollars? Where are you gaining business, or losing it? See why dozens of lenders rely on these highly-detailed comprehensive rankings to make the right strategic decisions. Available in Excel format for easy scenario-driven analysis. And you can choose either residential or commercial mortgage reports!


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Go farther with our data. Mail to homeowners ready to refinance. Be the first to find people ready to put their homes on the market. Identify real estate investors in your community. Learn the best commercial real estate borrowing opportunities. Or find great insurance prospects. Our team of professionals will help you build the best marketing list to accomplish your goals. Your most successful new business campaign is just moments away.


Licensing Opportunities

Want to put The Warren Group’s treasure-trove of data to work on your website? We have off-the-shelf applications that can enhance your business immediately. Or we can work with you to make the largest, most respected and comprehensive real estate database in the Northeast be part of the tools you offer your customers.

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