The Ghosts of 75 State St.

Brookfield Properties has reached an agreement to recapitalize 75 State St. at approximately $755 per square foot. But unlike other downtown trophy properties, this building rose in the 1980s amid a scandal that threatened to topple some of Massachusetts’ most powerful figures.

Developer Set to Cash Out

One of the ground rules for multifamily development in Boston is that market-rate projects are required to subsidize affordable units, which otherwise might never get built because of insufficient financing.

Walsh Gains Ground on Building Permits

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh doesn’t strut around acting like the city’s development czar. He doesn’t design tower tops, as his legendary predecessor did, to the detriment of the city’s skyline, with the resulting “baby bottle” high-rise at 111 Huntington.

BRA Unveils New Identity, Outreach Strategy

The Boston Redevelopment Authority – an outgrowth of 1950s urban renewal schemes – has a new name that’s designed to better reflect the agency’s far-reaching roles shaping Boston’s landscape.

GE Seeks Fast-Track Permitting For HQ

General Electric’s new 388,700-square-foot Boston campus headquarters will include a 2-story company museum, a rooftop solar “veil” and a 900-square-foot illuminated rooftop GE sign, though one that probably falls short of CEO Jeff Immelt’s tongue-in-cheek goal of being visible from Mars.