A Low-Cost Lender Responds to BERDO

Developers and landlords face difficult decisions about how to finance work to to control energy costs and comply with decarbonization regulations. Mike Doty and Nuveen Green Capital say they can offer an affordable solution.

Cutting Carbon Footprints and Costs in Real Estate

Chris Gray looks at commercial properties through an energy efficiency lens to help Boston-based Taurus Investment Holdings evaluate potential acquisitions, at a time when landlords are creating efficiencies through operational upgrades, and reducing their exposure for capital upgrades.

Landlords Need Help on Green Conversions

When operating a commercial building, whether offices, apartments or something else, a sudden, massive capital expense is the last thing anyone needs. But many class B and C building owners in Boston will find themselves in that situation as the city tightens the screws on carbon emissions.

Boston Takes a Step Towards Carbon Neutrality

Based on input from the business community, Boston’s new requirements for carbon neutrality in the city’s commercial buildings are clearer and more achievable. But hard work remains to make BERDO 2.0 succeed.