Wu: Boston Can’t Shoulder Stadium Overhaul on Its Own

While Boston awaits a judge’s decision on whether the city can renovate a run-down stadium in a public park to host a professional women’s soccer team, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu defended the idea on Tuesday, claiming that the stadium would still be available for community use over 90 percent of the time.

Filling the CRE Tax Gap

As thousands of property owners in Boston seek abatements and researchers forecast a steep decline in property tax collections, Mayor Michelle Wu’s options are limited in finding ways to cushion the fiscal blows

Boston Mayor: I Lobbied Yellen on Interest Rates

When she toured Roxbury Community College with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Wednesday, part of a trip to promote the Biden administration’s clean energy polices, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said she pressed the secretary on the impact high interest rates were having on housing construction.

Trust Gap Muddies Mayor’s Message

Wu is essentially asking developers to trust her over the next year as she tries to achieve things previously considered pie-in-the-sky dreams. But it’s hard for some parts of the real estate community to do that.

Rent Control Forces Back Before Legislature

Advocates took to Beacon Hill on Tuesday to try to convince lawmakers to advance a policy to limit rent hikes, while real estate industry leaders decried the idea as counterproductive, but there seems to be little appetite on Beacon Hill to revisit the idea.