Trust Matters in Wealth and Banking

For 30 years, Anne Tangen had served wealth management clients at Fidelity and running a State Street Bank business unit that generated $90 million per year, until she found herself drawn to community banking.

From Megabank to Mutual Bank

Worcester County’s Cornerstone Bank is facing off in a fight for deposits against some of the same giant banks where its head of retail banking, Altaf Ahmed, worked for 20 years.

A Data-Driven Approach to Branches

Nancy Nesbitt’s four-decade career in commercial real estate, economic development and banking gives her the experience she needs at AccuBranch to help lenders build their branch strategies.

A Branch Expansion While Others Retreat

While several banks have announced plans to reduce their branch footprints, Rockland Trust has continued to expand even as the pandemic has driven customers to digital channels. Overseeing the bank’s retail network is Margaret “Peg” McCarthy. 

More Branch Closures Ahead

New England will lose dozens of bank branches in the next couple of years as several lenders shutter locations inside supermarkets, as persistently small margin spreads make these locations unprofitable.

2021 Could See More of the Same for Lenders

From the pandemic’s effects on business customers and digital acceleration to conversations about racial inequalities in the industry, the year 2020 saw banking and lending confronting possibly long-lasting changes to the industry.