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Questions Ahead for Lenders and Borrowers

After seven Federal Reserve interest rate hikes in a relatively short timetable, we find ourselves assessing not simply whether there will be more rate increases, but more importantly, what this means for commercial lenders this year.

An Eye On The Horizon

Andy Hoar is president and co-managing partner of CBRE/New England, a joint venture with 450 employees at offices from New Haven, Connecticut to southern New Hampshire. The firm has represented clients in some of the largest deals reshaping the Boston office market in recent years, including General Electric, law firm Goodwin and Putnam Investments. Although Hoar’s idea of a perfect vacation is fly fishing in Montana or the Adirondacks, he’s careful not to let his leisure time linger, haunted by the memory of a senior executive at a previous firm who took a two-week West Coast vacation without checking in to the office and was let go two weeks later.