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Our Legislators Are Off in La-La Land

Beacon Hill is sitting on a mountain of federal cash. And House and Senate leaders are inexplicably giving the brush-off to calls to devote much of it to affordable housing production even as prices and rents are skyrocketing.

Will Mass. Legislature Meet the Moment?

Banker & Tradesman’s editorial board is right to underscore the legislative urgency of this moment. The impacts of the pandemic and the damaging legacy of racial injustice continue to put our entire commonwealth’s future at risk.

To Close the Racial Wealth Gap, Scale Up CommonWealth Builder

Massachusetts’ CommonWealth Builder program effectively reduces the price of new housing units by subsidizing developers up to $150,000 per home. And unlike traditional affordable housing, it allows homeowners to realize the full market appreciation of their unit if they live there for at least 15 years.

Home Prices Headed for a Bubble?

Between a pandemic likely to cause another big cultural shift around single-family homes, and an inventory shortage unlikely to end any time soon, conditions are building for big run-ups in home prices.

Smart Growth Zoning Falls Short of Expectations

According to DCHD records, 42 cities and towns have now adopted smart growth zoning, covering over 2,300 acres which can accommodate 22,213 dwelling units. But so far only about 3,750 dwelling units have been built or permitted, an increase of about 1,250 units since 2014.