Pier 5 Developers Float Housing Proposals

Developers are meeting projections of rising Boston Harbor sea levels and a big construction challenge with two houseboat-like multifamily designs and a third boasting an expansive rooftop park.

Get in on the Ground Floor

While complex, multi-faceted models of activating ground-floor space offer a potential strategy to reflect two trends in 2020 commercial real estate: a steady loss of industrial space in Boston’s urban core, and COVID-19-driven disruption to traditional retail and restaurant models. 

DRI Strategy Could Defend Boston Waterfront

Protecting Boston’s vulnerable real estate from flood damage in coming decades could require creation of new districts to collect payments from property owners, and a new cabinet-level resiliency czar and department at city hall to oversee the defense strategy.

Hood Park Is Ready for its Next Act

Assembly Row and Cambridge Crossing are demonstrating how once-drab industrial parcels near the elevated decks of Interstate 93 can be reinvented as successful mixed-use developments. And developers are following a similar game plan at Charlestown’s Hood Park.

Concert Halls Turn Up the Volume

Industry-leading concert promoters such as Live Nation and AEG continue to assert their market dominance, seeking to expand their reach from outdoor stadiums and arenas to mid-sized concert halls once controlled by independents.