House, Senate Dems Expand Tax Relief Plans

Democratic leaders of the House and Senate have agreed to a broad framework for up to $500 million in additional tax relief that would see credits for low-income earners, parents, renters and seniors expanded, and the “archaic elements” of the state’s estate tax reformed.

Feds Order Immediate Safety Fixes At MBTA

A command center where some train dispatchers get only four hours off after 20-hour shifts. Hundreds of workers with lapsed safety certifications. Tracks dangerously unmaintained. Federal officials are forcing the T to immediately fix these issues and more.

Leaders Mum on Additional Sales Tax Relief

State lawmakers agreed Monday to set Aug. 13 and 14 as the dates for this year’s annual sales tax holiday, but legislative leaders wouldn’t say whether any sort of reduction in or expanded break from the 6.25 percent sales tax will feature into their relief plans.