Relationships for the Long Haul

David Eidle is a relatively new face at Rockland Trust, but a familiar one on the North Shore, where the former M&T Bank executive will lead Rockland Trust’s planned C&I expansion.

A Helmsman for a Strategic Expansion

North Easton Savings Bank is looking to diversify its lending business by building out its roster of small business and nonprofit clients. It’s charged Chief Lending Officer Ralph Letner with making that happen.

C&I Lending Surged in Q4

Commercial and industrial lending, typically a strong indicator of how the economy is doing, surged in the fourth quarter of 2018, but the Federal Reserve is signalling it may hold off on future interest rate hikes.

A Faithfull Shepherd

Doug Faithfull broke into the commercial real estate business with little more than plucky determination and an interest in real estate. He got his start as a real estate appraiser, but after a few years of that at Old Stone Bank, he started pushing for a chance at commercial lending. He’s now the head of commercial lending at Cambridge Savings Bank.