Reinvented Offices Await Workers’ Verdicts

As the pandemic appears to recede, companies puzzling over how to revive dormant offices don’t have a proven roadmap to guide their real estate decisions, but several common threads are emerging among Boston-area businesses that have recently relocated or signed leases.

Designing to Make a Difference

A bank renovation project launched Gregory Minott’s entrepreneurial career at age 18 and piqued his interest in architecture. Now, leading Boston’s DREAM Collaborative, he’s trying to build new pathways for Black professionals in architecture and more inclusive city planning.

BSA Job Postings Spike 368 Percent

In a striking illustration of the favorable job market for architects in Greater Boston, postings for industry jobs at a leading local job database have increased nearly four-fold in the past year.

Boston 2030

Reaching Boston’s Housing Goals Through Multi-Generational Design

The city of Boston’s housing plan, “Housing a Changing City: Boston 2030,” has three objectives: to create housing across demographics and neighborhoods, outline the city’s strategies for housing an expected 91,000 new Bostonians by the year 2030 and call for the creation of 53,000 new units of housing at a variety of income levels across the city.