Don’t Waste Question 1 Funds

An old tale holds a parable for Massachusetts’ political leaders as they gaze on a new bounty of tax receipts thanks to the success of Question 1. It’s time to be highly strategic about how we use this money and prove the hit to our competitiveness is worth it.

Good Start on Downtown Revitalization

Boston officials laid out a strong plan last week to make sure downtown bounces back better than it was before the pandemic. But key pieces are missing, and a significant infusion of money will likely be needed.

150 Years Young

On this, our anniversary, we say a hearty “thank you” to the generations of businesspeople and workers who’ve read our pages and stood by us through the economy’s many ups and downs.

ADUs Should Not Be Controversial

If this crop of state legislators can’t move ADU legalization forward, can we really trust them to take the more substantive actions still needed to move the needle on our housing supply crisis? 

CFPB Not Helping Lending Disparity Fixes

What is the mortgage industry to make of a new analysis that shows more Black and Latino homebuyers received loans in 2020 than ever before, but racial disparities in who gets financed persist? Unfortunately, the CFPB isn’t helping.