Flooding Regs Generate Developers’ Concerns

Department of Environmental Protection officials did the right thing last week, bowing to a flurry of concerned letters by allowing significantly more time for stakeholders to review their sweeping update of stormwater, flooding and wetlands regulations.

What’s Changing, and Not, at the BPDA

Five years after initially floating the idea as a city councilor, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is closing in on key legal changes to eliminate the Boston Planning & Development Agency. And it’s leaving some in the real estate community scratching their heads at best about what it all means.

Legislature Has Hands Full with Housing Bill

Gov. Maura Healey’s signature piece of housing legislation got its first hearing on Beacon Hill last week, a marathon affair that suggested that many of the main battle lines are being drawn over policy, not the bill’s fiscal impacts.

Trust Gap Muddies Mayor’s Message

Wu is essentially asking developers to trust her over the next year as she tries to achieve things previously considered pie-in-the-sky dreams. But it’s hard for some parts of the real estate community to do that.

Don’t Celebrate Fed Rate Cuts Yet

Top Federal Reserve officials’ predictions that they would have to cut interest rates three times next year sent a bolt of energy through markets last week. But no one, especially policymakers in town halls or on Beacon Hill, should think we’re about to get some kind of relief from current market conditions.

Who Loses in Legislators’ Games? Not Them

The Massachusetts legislature failed the most vulnerable members of our society last week when they let the clock run out on the normal legislative session without passing a budget bill that included $250 million needed to keep the state’s homeless shelters open.

Want a Transfer Tax? Upzone First

Transfer tax supporters’ ideas have merit, and may be getting traction, but Beacon Hill shouldn’t approve these bills without making sure the extra money will actually be spent on new housing.

When Will the T Make Its Repair Plan Public?

It’s immediately obvious to anyone watching the T’s new leadership up close that this vital piece of public infrastructure is in good hands. But that’s not a perspective the average person is afforded, and MBTA General Manager Phil Eng can’t afford to take their goodwill for granted.

Everyone Wins from Wu’s New Plans

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu delivered a trainload of good news to the real estate industry at Back Bay’s Plaza Hotel last week in the form of policies that look like true win-wins for industry and everyday Bostonians, alike.