Help for Down Payments Available

The Build Back Better legislative package championed by President Joe Biden contains billions for down payment assistance. But rookie buyers don’t have to wait for Congress to act – if it ever does.

Can’t Boost Home Ownership Without More Homes

Boosting first-generation and first-time homebuyers has become popular among banks and politicians looking to boost their communities. But without commensurate effort to boost home building, these efforts will come to naught in the face of plenty of all-cash offers.

Mass. Gateway Cities See Price Records

Sales of homes and condominiums in these mid-sized, older industrial hubs are rising as buyers, many of them first-timers, search for more affordable alternatives after being priced out of Boston and its ever more expensive suburbs.

Buyers Can Do Better Than FHA

Real estate professionals who do not make their clients aware of non-FHA options are doing them a great disservice. In this hot housing market, LMI buyers need more buying power, not less.