Higher Hurdles for Developers Tested in Dorchester

Boston’s first-in-the-nation fair housing zoning law is already influencing key elements of the city’s largest proposed development, Dorchester Bay City, as Accordia Partners spells out how its affordable housing strategy will exceed what’s typically expected in new projects.

Multifamily Migration Route Leads to Lynn

Sprawling waterfront development parcels and a transit-friendly downtown have proven to be powerful lures for projects in Lynn, attracting institutional investors and interest from national developers.

Boston Ranks Near Top in Gentrification Study

Income and home price gains were concentrated in a handful of neighborhoods in booming U.S. cities including Boston during a portion of the past decade, according to a study of wealth concentration and gentrification patterns.

Fair Housing Struggles Far from Over

Boston should add new enforcement clout to its fair housing policies as vulnerable populations contend with higher-than-ever roadblocks to keeping roofs over their heads, concludes a report culminating a three-year study of local conditions.

The Rent Control Debate is a Red Herring

As frightening as the prospect of a rent control proposal on Beacon Hill may be to some the issue is a red herring that threatens to distract everyone from efforts to get Gov. Charlie Baker’s Act to Promote Housing Choice passed as soon as possible.

Plan JP/Rox Looks Like a Noble Failure

A plan intended to let one of Boston’s last affordable neighborhoods along the southern end of Washington Street and the Orange Line grow without displacing current residents instead created an incentive structure where developers can’t build the volume of affordable units needed to keep rents in check.

Corporate Housing Fills Up New Developments

Building more multifamily housing in Boston is the cornerstone of Mayor Marty Walsh’s strategy to bring apartment rents and condominium prices under control, and developers have been doing their part with more than 13,000 units completed since 2014.