Home Price Slowdown Has Far to Go

Mortgage rates – which topped out at 5.3 percent last month before sinking slightly to 5.1 percent last week – combined with rising home prices have pushed the traditional 30-year loan out of reach for many.  

Summer in the Cities

Mid-August is not the Greater Boston area’s best season. The weather is variable (as it always is in New England), swinging from disgusting muggy days – it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity – to cold gray rain, back to searing hot skies and sticky nights.

Boston Climbs Global Ranks in CRE Investment

Greater Boston’s growing tech economy is acting as a catalyst for commercial real estate investment, with the region topping Silicon Valley and 11 other global markets categorized as “innovators” in a new JLL report.

Opinion: Susan Gittelman

Back To The Future

We all look forward to the fall. Except when everything’s back in full swing and you are trying to get anywhere. Traffic is on everybody’s mind, and system solutions are needed to serve our region’s growth plan.

An Eye On The Horizon

Andy Hoar is president and co-managing partner of CBRE/New England, a joint venture with 450 employees at offices from New Haven, Connecticut to southern New Hampshire. The firm has represented clients in some of the largest deals reshaping the Boston office market in recent years, including General Electric, law firm Goodwin and Putnam Investments. Although Hoar’s idea of a perfect vacation is fly fishing in Montana or the Adirondacks, he’s careful not to let his leisure time linger, haunted by the memory of a senior executive at a previous firm who took a two-week West Coast vacation without checking in to the office and was let go two weeks later.

Residential Permits Rebound From Fall Slowdown

It looks like Greater Boston’s red hot housing market still has some juice left, but just how much remains to be seen. After a fall-off last year raised some red flags, construction of badly needed new homes, condominiums and apartments across Massachusetts is on the rebound once again.

Paradoxes Of The Economic Recovery

The economic rebound from the 2008 recession is a rising tide that doesn’t necessarily lift all boats. Several sectors are showing mixed-blessing results, including credit card lending, retail, manufacturing, real estate and some financial sectors.