Is Beacon Hill Going to Let Our Hotels Fail?

As hotel owners and operators across Massachusetts struggle to stay afloat, it’s a fair question to ask whether the top legislative brass on Beacon Hill care all that much about the industry and the vital tourism sector it supports.

T Needs Revenue and Leadership

Gov. Charlie Baker once had the foresight to tackle the T’s problems head-on. Where is that energy, now that a derailment, a bloody escalator malfunction and a report predicting “fiscal calamity” have Thrust the MBTA’s true state of slow decay back into public view?

Blame Cronyism, Not Just Zoning for Our Housing Woes

The kind of small-bore politics and insider political jockeying that have dominated the state political scene for decades – as we’ll see unfold as the gubernatorial race gets going – come at the expense of any real effort to tackle the ongoing housing crisis.

Mariano Expects Climate Bill Won’t Change Much

Almost a month after Gov. Charlie Baker returned sweeping climate legislation to lawmakers with a series of recommended amendments, House Speaker Ronald Mariano said he’s willing to work with the governor on some technical changes but will “not back down on our ambitious emissions reduction targets.”