It’s the Housing, Stupid

The housing crisis has gone national, spreading from Boston and a few other blue cities to states and markets across the country. And along the way, it is helping poison the nation’s political mood by deferring or killing the dreams of a generation.

House expense and cost, too expensive payment or high interest rate mortgage concept, heavy house broke savings piggybank metaphor of too much payment and cost.

The High Price of High-Cost Housing

High housing costs helped force tens of thousands more Bay Staters to move away last year than immigrants who picked us as their new home for the first time in many years, experts say, ringing alarm bells about the state’s ability to sustain itself.

At Chamber, Baker Plugs Downtowns Aid, Help for Unemployed

In his first in-person speech to the business community in two years, Gov. Charlie Baker said Tuesday he will offer some “unusual approaches” later this week to help people get back to work as he made a pitch for an agenda in his final year in office that includes investing in behavioral health and helping cities and towns redesign their downtowns for a post-pandemic future.

Boston Renters Hit Hard by COVID-19 Impacts

Service industry employees who were already paying Boston’s highest-percentage of earnings as rent are among the first to feel the effects of COVID-19 induced job losses, according to an initial analysis of the pandemic’s economic effects.

Hello Rent Control, Goodbye New Apartments

Overnight, a new push by a pair of progressive state lawmakers to bring back rent control would pull the rug out from under the apartment boom, one that has seen a bevy of new rental high-rises take shape in Boston and Cambridge.

Plan JP/Rox Looks Like a Noble Failure

A plan intended to let one of Boston’s last affordable neighborhoods along the southern end of Washington Street and the Orange Line grow without displacing current residents instead created an incentive structure where developers can’t build the volume of affordable units needed to keep rents in check.

Five Easy Pieces to Fix the Housing Crisis

The Baker Administration recently introduced legislation to help address the commonwealth’s housing crisis. Although it appropriately identifies zoning reform as a priority, a key element is missing: specific focus on families with lowest incomes. Here are five additional pieces that could help.