Stop. You’re Making It Worse

Recent hoopla about soft landings aside, the Federal Reserve’s drive to bring down prices has made immeasurably worse what was already the most expensive item in Americans’ budgets: the cost of housing.

Powell May Hint at Rate Cuts Today

Two weeks ago, Chair Jerome Powell suggested that the Federal Reserve was “not far” from gaining the confidence it needed that inflation was headed sustainably down. It was a tantalizing suggestion.

Fed Likely to Preach Patience on Rate Cuts

Across the United States, many people are eagerly anticipating the Federal Reserve’s first cut to its benchmark interest rate this year: Prospective home buyers hope for lower mortgage rates. Wall Street traders envision higher stock prices. Housing developers looking to get shovels in the ground.

Boston Mayor: I Lobbied Yellen on Interest Rates

When she toured Roxbury Community College with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Wednesday, part of a trip to promote the Biden administration’s clean energy polices, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said she pressed the secretary on the impact high interest rates were having on housing construction.

Don’t Celebrate Fed Rate Cuts Yet

Top Federal Reserve officials’ predictions that they would have to cut interest rates three times next year sent a bolt of energy through markets last week. But no one, especially policymakers in town halls or on Beacon Hill, should think we’re about to get some kind of relief from current market conditions.