Landlords Seen as Key to Credit-Building

An ambitious effort by one of the biggest players in the mortgage market, Freddie Mac, to open up renters’ access to credit is relying on landlords to help. But few landlords and property managers know the effort exists.

Landlord Group Sues State for Eviction Data

A prominent group representing small landlords has sued state officials for access to data on the state’s pandemic rental aid program it says could show discrimination against renters of color and their landlords.

The Summer Lease-Up Frenzy Victimizes Many

Before the pandemic, we had a housing crisis. After the pandemic’s first three waves, it seems things are still bad. And any landlord or property manager trying to lease up an apartment right now is watching that first-hand.

Does Someone Need to Sue for Rental Assistance?

Massachusetts has set aside roughly $1 billion for pandemic rental assistance. But roughly half of applicants aren’t able to finish their 13-page applications. The net result is a loss of affordable housing run by small landlording businesses, plus despair in many Massachusetts homes.

Landlord Certification Test Ready

A landlord who takes and passes our test will contribute to renter wellbeing, be responsible when no one is looking and avoid problems – and receive recognition for their hard work, thanks to a nationwide first achieved by MassLandlords. 

What Landlords Need from Boston’s Next Mayor

To solve Boston’s affordable housing crunch, landlords and our representatives like MassLandlords need a seat at the table. Like the local restaurants, we deserve to have input to address the post-pandemic recovery and lingering housing crisis.