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Our Legislators Are Off in La-La Land

Beacon Hill is sitting on a mountain of federal cash. And House and Senate leaders are inexplicably giving the brush-off to calls to devote much of it to affordable housing production even as prices and rents are skyrocketing.

What Does Healey Really Support?

The front-runner in the race for governor wants to have her cake and eat it too when it comes to rent control – an idea with the potential to shut down housing production in Greater Boston.

Dem Delegates Endorse Healey, Qualify Chang-Díaz For Ballot

Massachusetts Democrats on Saturday afternoon endorsed Maura Healey’s quest to move from the attorney general’s office to the governor’s suite but also put Sonia Chang-Díaz on the September primary ballot, ensuring that Healey will have some intraparty competition before she could turn her full attention to any Republican opponents.

Spot the Real Crisis

Attorney General Maura Healey clearly can tell a true crisis from a fake one. When it comes to shortages, Massachusetts’ towns foot-dragging and obstruction on housing construction just can’t compete with the regulatory delays faced by pot shops, which she’s aggressively putting a stop to.

PHH Settles Suit for $45M

New Jersey-based PHH Mortgage Corp. has reached a $45 million settlement with 49 attorneys general and 45 state mortgage regulators. More than 660 Massachusetts residents are eligible for a payment totaling approximately $340,000.

Healey Joins Counterparts In Suit Over CFPB

Attorney General Maura Healey and her counterparts from other states are backing a legal challenge to the leadership of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, arguing that President Donald Trump’s appointment of an acting director will hinder the agency’s independence and effectiveness.

Healey And Goldberg Say They Will Turn Down Raises

Attorney General Maura Healey and Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, two of the statewide elected officials due significant pay raises under a bill that became law Thursday, announced shortly after lawmakers overrode Gov. Charlie Baker’s veto that they both would be turning down the money for at least the next two years.