Pay Attention to Train Electrification

The dream of frequent, electrified suburban trains in Greater Boston has long seemed perennially on the horizon. Could this time be different? Indications are, yes. And housing developers should start keeping an eye on the project.

West Station Gives Boston a Second Chance on Transit

Boston’s next major transit hub should offer frequent commuter rail service to prevent the Allston neighborhood from being overwhelmed with traffic congestion, Metropolitan Area Planning Council said in a report on the $2 billion Allston multimodal project.

Beacon Hill Lacks Leadership on Transit

The MBTA’s latest five-year investment plan, released last week, is a strikingly short-sighted document for a world facing a climate emergency. But with Beacon Hill behind the eight-ball on transit topics, can we really heap all the blame on T officials?

MBTA Cuts Will Ripple Through Real Estate

The MBTA’s proposed slimmed-down service menu for 2021 could cause indigestion for downtown Boston office landlords, discourage multifamily development near commuter rail stations and widen social inequities in accessing reliable transportation, real estate industry and economic development sources predict.

Rail Visions Leave Question: Who Will Pay?

Two elected officials and two transportation advocates who studied potential commuter rail changes endorsed a $28.9 billion plan on Monday to transform the system, setting up a key decision for the MBTA – and the legislature that would foot the bill – on how to proceed.