MAPC Study Tracks Disconnect Between Jobs, Housing

The continuing redevelopment of industrial properties in Greater Boston is widening inequity, straining transportation networks and could hurt the region’s future competitiveness, a Metropolitan Area Planning Council report says.

West Station Gives Boston a Second Chance on Transit

Boston’s next major transit hub should offer frequent commuter rail service to prevent the Allston neighborhood from being overwhelmed with traffic congestion, Metropolitan Area Planning Council said in a report on the $2 billion Allston multimodal project.

Growing Opportunities South of Boston

Expanding job and housing opportunities south of Boston are top goals for the Quincy-based South Shore Chamber of Commerce. Chamber President and CEO Peter Forman joined the organization in 2005 following stints in state and local government.

A Harder Line on Housing Production?

A new analysis shows what’s at stake under Massachusetts’ transit-oriented zoning reform, potentially opening up nearly 31,000 acres near MBTA stations in Greater Boston for multifamily development.