Parcel 25 Shows DEI Isn’t ‘Too Hard’

The diversity of the development teams vying for a piece of state-owned land in downtown Boston is something to be celebrated. But it also gives lie to the old saw that it’s “too hard to find” diverse firms to partner with.

Could PPP Help Lenders, Too?

Just as uncertainty has marked each stage of the Paycheck Protection Program – from features changing right before launch to system problems in the second round – community banks face another unknown with the program: its effect on bank finances in the coming months.

Small Business Loans in Minority Neighborhoods Increase

The number of small business loan originations and total volume in minority areas in Massachusetts in 2016 was the highest it’s been in nearly a decade. But both of those categories still only make up less than 10 percent of all Community Reinvestment Act loans issued in the commonwealth in 2016.