How to Reposition Office Buildings from Class B to A

A lot more goes into renovating an older class B building into a class A than just adding a coffee bar or flat-screen TV in the lobby. A big part of the decision to renovate is the owner’s appetite for risk and how far they are willing to go to achieve a higher rate of return.

Hot Property: 50 Hunt St.

Renovation and repositioning of 50 Hunt St. in Watertown has transformed the property into 25,000 square feet of creative office space and attracted a crop of new tenants ranging from a nonprofit to digital marketing firm.

Cutting Carbon Footprints and Costs in Real Estate

Chris Gray looks at commercial properties through an energy efficiency lens to help Boston-based Taurus Investment Holdings evaluate potential acquisitions, at a time when landlords are creating efficiencies through operational upgrades, and reducing their exposure for capital upgrades.

Hot Property: 99 High St.

Visitors to the 99 High office tower in Boston will notice a series of upgrades to the lobby, facade and entry areas following completion of a $7.5 million project.