Healey Admin. Plans Vacant-Housing Blitz

Following a wide-ranging investigation by WBUR and Pro Publica that found the state’s housing authorities had around 2,300 vacant, state-subsidized affordable apartments, the Healey administration announced it’s launching a “90-day push” to get tenants into empty units.

A Vision for the Future of Public Housing

Former city councilor Kenzie Bok is bringing big ideas and big visions to her new job as the incoming head of the Boston Housing Authority, including a goal to bring around 2,500 new public housing units to the city.

How to Have a Successful Relocation During COVID-19

Housing – and sometimes commercial – relocation is often an integral part of the renovation and preservation process for affordable and public housing. Smart developers create and implement a housing relocation plan that prioritizes the needs of vulnerable residents. 

Blame NIMBYs for Leftist Backlash on Housing Crisis

You reap what you sow. And after driving up rents and prices to insane levels thanks to decades of blocking any and all new residential construction, NIMBY homeowners in Massachusetts and across the country have succeed in sparking an extreme counter-reaction.

Demand for Public Housing Far Exceeds Supply

There are 160,000 people in Massachusetts on waiting lists for public housing, according to housing authority representatives who visited the State House last week to ask for more state funding and a larger role in helping the state tackle its affordable housing problem.