Odd Lots: Refis, DTIs and More

Nothing is more devastating to a homebuyer than to search for months and finally find the place they want, only to be rejected by their lender. But it happens. According to LendingTree, 1 in 10 would-be borrowers are turned down.

Low Interest Rates Spur Commercial Refis

Just as low interest rates have spurred the mass-refinancing of residential mortgages, commercial property owners have also taken advantage of the rate environment, creating opportunities for lenders in Greater Boston’s competitive market.

Chutzpah Pays Dividends

Bob Driscoll got into the mortgage business by happenstance – and OK, he needed another co-op, too. Then a student at Northeastern University, he walked into Hyde Park Savings Bank and asked about a job. He’s been with the same organization ever since, through its transformation to Blue Hills Bank today. Now the head of residential and consumer lending, Driscoll says of his accidental profession, “I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s just a business that got into my blood somehow.”