Dimino to Retire from A Better City

Rick Dimino, the founding head of influential downtown business group A Better City, is stepping down. ABC’s Chief Operating Officer Kate Dineen will take his place leading the dozen-strong advocacy organization.

Getting it Right on Resiliency Funding and Investment

While we have made some progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, more must be done across sectors to adapt and to prepare for the impacts of climate change. Fortunately, our most powerful elected officials are already rising to the occasion.

Understanding the Magnitude of the MBTA’s Challenge

A comprehensive transportation finance plan is needed to provide more money for transit infrastructure repair, operations and ongoing maintenance; otherwise we are putting the repair budget priorities at odds with the limits in the operating budget.

Hope Springs Eternal for Transportation Needs

Elected officials, the business community and the transportation stakeholder community all are in agreement that Massachusetts needs to act soon – and in a comprehensive manner – to address our current needs and secure our future economic prosperity.