Winners in a Bad Year

By Jay Fitzgerald
Massachusetts banks, credit unions and mortgage companies all took major hits in residential lending, but there were a few bright spots that helped some lenders come out on top.

It’s Two Steps Forward, One Step Back in Fixing Our Biggest Problems

By Scott Van Voorhis
The last week shows progress is likely to be two steps forward and one step back given decades of neglected maintenance at the T and the NIMBY backlash to the Healey administration’s housing plans.

Filling the CRE Tax Gap

By Steve Adams
As thousands of property owners in Boston seek abatements and researchers forecast a steep decline in property tax collections, Mayor Michelle Wu’s options are limited in finding ways to cushion the fiscal blows.

In Person: A Culture of Putting Communities First

By Nika Cataldo
Robert Cashman’s life has been intertwined with Metro Credit Union from the start: his grandfather founded it and his father led it. Now, he’s leading the Chelsea lender to new heights.

Hot Property: Michael E. Haynes Arms

The newly completed Michael E. Haynes Arms development in Roxbury includes 55 housing units and a new headquarters for Cruz Construction.

The Gossip Report

Don’t let the address of the second home in this week’s Gossip Report fool you. This is a proper estate with amenities like anything you might get in Weston or Dover.

Editorial: Electric Trains Finally Coming Down the Track?

The dream of frequent, electrified suburban trains in Greater Boston has long seemed perennially on the horizon. Could this time be different? Indications are, yes. And housing developers should start keeping an eye on the project.

The Housing Scene: Foreign Firms Make Inroads on U.S. Homebuilding

By Lew Sichelman
As federal and state authorities continue to clamp down on foreign investments in American businesses and real estate that could pose a risk to national security, some foreign entities are expanding into American homebuilding.

Three Massachusetts Women Changing the Face of Leadership

By Malia Lazu
When we look back across history at women in leadership, we see two very different stories: one for white women and one for women of color. But that’s changing.

Healey’s Transportation Funding Task Force Is Set Up to Succeed

By Rick Dimino
We’ve seen many blue-ribbon commissions on transportation before. But this time, everyone knows that failure to find solutions means the MBTA – and the Greater Boston economy – will be in jeopardy.

The B&T Weekly: March 10, 2024

by Cassidy Norton time to read: 2 min