Gov. Charlie Baker gives a thumbs-up sign as he deliveres his second inaugural speech Jan. 3, 2019 in the House Chamber. (State House News Service Photo / Sam Doran)

Gov. Charlie Baker plans during his State of the State address Tuesday at 7 p.m. to touch on some of the big topics that have been roiling debate on Beacon Hill for years.

A spokeswoman for Baker confirmed on the eve of the governor’s address that he plans to “focus on education, transportation, housing, climate change and fiscal responsibility” as well as other topics.

“The governor will also discuss the passage of the landmark $1.5 billion public education reform law and the importance of ensuring those funds help students achieve better results,” communications director Elizabeth Guyton said in a statement. “Several key initiatives to improve transportation, address climate change, alleviate the housing crisis and close the achievement gap will be detailed as the Baker-Polito Administration begins the second year of the legislative session.”

She added: “The governor will also discuss some of the significant accomplishments achieved through the administration’s bipartisan collaboration with lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum and recommit to the continued focus on the people’s business.”

Democrats in the legislature have spent considerable time trying to come up with revenue-generating proposals to make new investments in transportation; Baker says the state has sufficient transportation revenue and is making record investments.

Baker to Detail Transpo, Climate, Housing Pushes Tonight

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