Next MBTA Leader Needs a Vision

What does Governor-elect Maura Healey want the MBTA’s next leader to be? It’s a fraught decision that will have significant implications for Massachusetts’ ability to combat climate change and its high housing costs.

A Clear Vision Is Needed for Question 1 Funds

The ideal plan for implementing the Millionaires Tax is to adopt a big-picture vision over the next year, paired with a comprehensive transportation finance plan that addresses repairs, maintenance and resiliency needs.

Catching Up on Hot Topics

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s time to follow up on a few of the hottest topics this column covered since the first of the year. Here’s what happened to several of them.

Carve Up These Turkeys

Carve Up These Turkeys

Better bring your appetite, because columnist Scott Van Voorhis is serving up his annual Turkey Awards: a roundup of 2022’s biggest screw-ups, worst ideas and most mockable memories.

FTX: Down(fall) and (Fall)out

As the story of cryptocurrency exchange FTX continues to unfold, regulators point to the warning signs and regulators, investors and industry leaders reflect on what lessons can be learned.

The High Price of High-Cost Housing

The High Price of High-Cost Housing

High housing costs helped force tens of thousands more Bay Staters to move away last year than immigrants who picked us as their new home for the first time in many years, experts say, ringing alarm bells about the state’s ability to sustain itself.

The Heritage Month We Cannot Overlook

While other culture heritage months seem to have more obvious ways to celebrate, we may be less clear about how to observe and honor Native American Heritage Month in the workplace. Here are some ideas.

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