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These Show Homes Take Different Paths

Two model homes being showcased at this week’s International Builders’ Show try to offer solutions to some of today’s biggest challenges: sustainability and the difficulty of “trading up” as your family changes....

Speak Up for Zoning Reform in Boston

Boston has a housing crisis of its own making. We let unelected, vocal minorities block the new homes that would get us out of this mess....

Sun Belt Wins, Mass. Loses in Housing Construction

Massachusetts politicians should look at Raleigh, North Carolina with a mixture of anger, envy and fear: Anger and envy that that metro has outpaced us in housing construction by miles, fear that it will help them steal our jobs and prosperity....

An Evangelist for Well-Designed Environments

Jeff Speck has spent decades advocating for the benefits of dense and walkable environments. As cities confront the future of urban spaces in the post-pandemic era, he’s teaming up with transit advocate Chris Dempsey....

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