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Wu’s Speech Raises Many Questions

Some ideas Mayor Michelle Wu pitched in her State of the City speech could help make up for planned hikes in development fees. But her proposals will take time to implement, something Boston doesn't have. It's time the mayor invites industry into the affordability conversation to help find immediate...

Banks Face Talent Development Struggles

Staffing remains a key priority for community banks and credit unions heading into 2023, and the industry’s ongoing digital transformation and economic uncertainties have started to change how financial institutions look at staffing needs, according to industry experts....

MassDevelopment Banks on Gateway Cities

As MassDevelopment looks to more aggressively embrace and utilize our land banking authority across Massachusetts for the benefit of residents and businesses, recent projects in Gateway Cities demonstrate our ability to reposition challenging properties....

Remote Work Has Made Relationships with Colleagues Harder

Having good relationships with colleagues is key to building a rewarding and effective work experience. To succeed today, both employees and leaders must understand what each group is seeking to achieve and how they can benefit from the changing workplace. ...

Amid Recent Boom, Gateway Cities Offer Development Potential

Over the course of the past decade, as pricing has increased throughout Greater Boston, developers have turned their attention to Massachusetts’ Gateway Cities and their wealth of developable land as well as redevelopment opportunities. And our increasingly hybrid world has made these sites even m...

Three Ideas to Boost Gateway Cities’ Housing Production

Myopically focusing on restrictive suburban zoning distracts from an equally pressing problem – the lack of residential investment in Gateway Cities over the last 10 years thanks to inflexible zoning and uncertainty about availability of state incentives....

Buyers: Know Your Share

Many of the nation’s largest real estate firms still do not publish the share of the commission paid to agents who work with homebuyers, leaving buyers to fend for themselves....

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