Builders Put the Brakes on New Housing

Builders Put the Brakes on New Housing

As building costs soar, developers in Greater Boston are putting the brakes on new housing projects. And given the record high home prices and rents in the Boston area, this is the last thing we need.

Don’t Let Towns Ban Gas Hook-Ups

A proposal is moving through the State House to let Cambridge and several of the wealthiest Boston suburbs ban natural gas use in new buildings. It’s the wrong idea at the wrong time and could hurt housing production where it’s needed most. 

Act Quickly to Avoid Foreclosure

Experts say that a 2008-style housing crash is unlikely to happen now, if only because lending standards are much tighter than they were prior to the Great Recession. Still, foreclosures are starting to tick upward.

CFPB Not Helping Lending Disparity Fixes

What is the mortgage industry to make of a new analysis that shows more Black and Latino homebuyers received loans in 2020 than ever before, but racial disparities in who gets financed persist? Unfortunately, the CFPB isn’t helping.

Title Theft Company Lies to Consumers

Calculating people are always looking for ways to separate the rest of us from our money. Such, it appears, is the case with Home Title Lock, an outfit that promises to “protect” you from home title theft.

Our Legislators Are Off in La-La Land

Our Legislators Are Off in La-La Land

Beacon Hill is sitting on a mountain of federal cash. And House and Senate leaders are inexplicably giving the brush-off to calls to devote much of it to affordable housing production even as prices and rents are skyrocketing.

Time for Legislature to Step Up

Massachusetts is arriving at a moment of truth for the MBTA: Will the political establishment shake off its torpor and take bold, aggressive steps to ensure its success in the face of a neglectful governor?

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