Rick Dimino

Special To Banker & Tradesman

Rick Dimino is the president and CEO of A Better City.
Rick Dimino can be reached at editorial@thewarrengroup.com

The Next Steps for the MBTA

Transforming the organization will require new leadership, a new culture and new funding plans. Each of these changes can begin right now.

Changes in 2023 Can Lead to Lasting Gains

So far, Gov.-elect Maura Healey’s approach to our transit and climate challenges is encouraging. But she needs to add a new post and an important commission to her early personnel if she’s going to make fast progress on three key megaprojects.

A Clear Vision Is Needed for Question 1 Funds

The ideal plan for implementing the Millionaires Tax is to adopt a big-picture vision over the next year, paired with a comprehensive transportation finance plan that addresses repairs, maintenance and resiliency needs.

Real Change Ahead for the MBTA?

The absence of the Orange Line and reduced service levels on other lines and modes should make the heart grow fonder and produce a renewed commitment to supporting high-quality mass transit.

The Time is Right for the Region’s Next Mega Project

In the next few months in Massachusetts, we will hear a great deal from the candidates running for governor and their top priorities if elected. During this same time, the actions by the Baker Administration will determine the future viability of transportation projects that would occur in the next decade.  

Mayor Wu Has Opportunities to Continue Boston’s Growth

Mayor Michelle Wu takes office with an ambitious agenda, broad support and real excitement that the city will prosper in new ways. Fortunately, today’s economy in Boston is strong in many areas, but this region’s future growth is far from guaranteed.

The T’s New Board Should Embrace FMCB’s Vision

A new board of directors is now in place at the MBTA, and we will soon learn if this means a new direction for public transit in this region. They should focus on implementing the FMCB’s ideas rather than any attempts to revisit the debates of the past few years.

Boston Takes a Step Towards Carbon Neutrality

Based on input from the business community, Boston’s new requirements for carbon neutrality in the city’s commercial buildings are clearer and more achievable. But hard work remains to make BERDO 2.0 succeed.