Stantec will design the transformation of a 9-acre stretch of South Boston’s Dorchester Avenue, where the first 2.5 million-square-foot phase “On the Dot” development is proposed.

Boston-based Core Investments is proposing four new buildings in the first phase of the project, along with repositioning of two industrial buildings at 2 and 4 Alger St.,  An office-lab building at 505 Dorchester Ave. would anchor the first phase of the project, which also would be designed by Stantec.

Core Investments proposed the office-lab building after the Boston zoning board of appeals rejected plans for an Amazon last-mile delivery station.

The developer has already begun converting two industrial buildings totaling 140,000 square feet at 2 and 4 Alger St. into lab-ready space.

“On the Dot presents a transformational opportunity to re-invigorate an underutilized site to better serve the community through improved open space, resilient features that better manage flooding, amenities that complement the neighborhood, and modern space that supports future-focused industries,” said B.K. Boley, Stantec senior principal, in a statement.

Other members of the project team include VHB, Howard Stein Hudson and landscape designer Halvorson.

Developers Pick Master Planner for Southie Project

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