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Developers of the 1.7 million-square-foot On the Dot project in South Boston have agreed to reduce building heights to respond to objections from residents and elected officials, while increasing the project’s affordable housing component.

Boston-based Core Investments proposes four buildings at the 9.1-acre site located north of the MBTA’s Andrew station, including three office-lab buildings at 65 and 75 Ellery St. and 505 Dorchester Avenue, and a residential tower at 495 Dorchester Ave.

The project, first proposed in July 2021, is being revised following meetings with local groups including the Andrew Square Civic Association, which now supports the project, and local elected officials, Core Investments said in a filing with the Boston Planning & Development Agency.

The updated proposal calls for two 12-story and two 13-story buildings with maximum heights ranging from 149 to 198 feet, down from a maximum 259 feet.

Affordable housing will now comprise 49 of the 284 housing units in the 495 Dorchester Ave. building, up from 30.

But the residential component wouldn’t be built until the final phase of the project, because of the need to remove up to 230,000 square feet of contaminated soil under an EPA-ordered remediation plan. The site is a former scrapyard that is contaminated with PCB’s and limited to uses such as parking and construction vehicle storage.

The changes reduce the commercial square footage by 164,000 square feet, while increasing the housing component from 194,600 to 260,0000 square feet.

Core Investments previously withdrew a proposal for an Amazon last-mile delivery station on a portion of the property.

Dot Ave. Developer Increases Affordability, Reduces Heights

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