A cluster of commercial parcels near the entry to North Quincy could be redeveloped into a 214-unit apartment tower with a roof deck and skyline views. Image courtesy of Cube3

Massachusetts’ Gateway Cities are economic anchors for their surrounding regions. For years, these cities have been crucial to the economy and have symbolized opportunity as places where residents could pursue and live the “American Dream.” 

Gateway Cities such as Everett, Salem and Quincy each possess their own culture and are home to unique retail that has been attracting new residents, visitors and businesses for several years. 

Now, as more people throughout Greater Boston are reassessing the value of their current living situations, there is a heightened interest in Gateway Cities, and an opportunity as developers to be bold to attract even more residents to these areas. 

Quincy has been experiencing an influx of Millennials moving there recently. Under the leadership of Mayor Thomas P. Koch, Quincy’s downtown has and continues to undergo transformative development. For example, approximately 700 apartments and condos have opened in the last three years and many more are in the works. We see a huge opportunity to continue to drive this energy and momentum into the northern part of the city.  

We have been eyeing Quincy for a number of years and ironically, the northern portion that provides the closest access to Boston has also been the most overlooked. This particular location is outstanding given its access to Neponset Avenue and the MBTA’s Red Line. It is also just off the Southeast Expressway, less than five minutes from Wollaston Beach, 10 minutes from Quincy Center and 15 minutes from downtown Boston and Logan Airport.  

First Step of Neighborhood Revitalization? 

We are collaborating with CUBE3 to create a bold apartment building at 61-71 Hancock St. that will be a gamechanger for North Quincy. It will reflect the lifestyle tendencies of urban professionals, young families and Millennials who may be looking to move there, as well as deliver more housing that the city needs in this currently underutilized area. The existing site is home to a parking lot, warehouse, and a chain pizza shop next to a small office building.  

Sam Slater

Our goal with the property is to help kickstart the revitalization of this neighborhood just off Neponset Avenue, establishing a pathway from Boston along with a strong pedestrian-oriented base, and to attract the people who visit and commute to work in Quincy to stay and help fuel the local economy. Our proposed building incorporates 214 apartments with high-end finishes, outstanding city and water views, and on-site parking. The sophisticated outdoor and indoor amenities, including a stunning roof deck, will promote an active, elevated lifestyle.  

We look forward to seeing what this underdeveloped stretch near Neponset Avenue transforms into as new buildings are delivered, ours takes shape and the area continues to attract more developers that may explore this exciting territory with promising growth.  

Sam Slater is managing partner at Tremont Asset Management LLC. 

Gateway Cities Offer Opportunities for the Bold

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