Earlier this month, organizations and stakeholders from across the finance ecosystem came together for Boston Fintech Week, a volunteer-led, grassroots effort that put together 35 free events in Downtown Boston.

One of the panels, “Millennials, Mortgages and a Roadmap for Digital Transformation,” discussed how data providers, mortgage lenders and government-sponsored entities like Fannie Mae are working together to deliver a more inclusive, personalized and frictionless mortgage lending experience that can awaken the sleeping giants of the housing market.

One of the panelists, Patrick Boyaggi, co-founder and CEO of RateGravity, a digital matchmaking mortgage fintech that aims to save borrowers tens of thousands of dollars on the life of their mortgage, spoke about some of the problems blocking Millennials from getting a mortgage, as well as some of the largest costs in the mortgage process.

RateGravity CEO Speaks at Boston Fintech Week

by Bram Berkowitz time to read: 1 min