The Boston Red Sox’ owners revealed plans for redevelopment of the streets surrounding Fenway Park with eight buildings of mixed-use development spanning 2.1 million square feet.

WS Development is partnering with Fenway Sports Group on the transformation of the parcels behind the ballpark’s grandstand and properties along Lansdowne Street, currently occupied by warehouses, souvenir shops and a parking garage. The project will include a mix of commercial and residential uses, according to WS Development Vice President Yanni Tsipis.

“The project’s guiding principle is to envelop and embrace the historic ballpark and create welcoming people-first places and buildings that contribute to the quality and vitality of the public realm in the heart of the Fenway neighborhood yearround,” Tsipis wrote in a notification letter to the Boston Planning & Development Agency.

As part of the project, Jersey Street would be closed to vehicles to create a pedestrian way between Brookline Avenue and Van Ness Street.

Details on the size and height of the individual buildings were not available, but detailed plans are expected to be submitted in a subsequent filing to the BPDA.

Along with the properties along Jersey, Van Ness and Lansdowne street, the project will involve air rights development on Massachusetts Turnpike parcel 8, WS Development said.

The development group includes Fenway Sports Group, WS and the D’Angelo family which owns the ’47 Brand sports merchandise company and owns several of the key parcels on Jersey Street.

The Red Sox have already begun a separate project that includes construction of a new live concert venue, with capacity for 5,400 patrons, on a parking lot and former back-of-the-house space in a separate project located between Lansdowne and Ipswich streets.

Red Sox Reveal 2.1M SF Development Plan in Fenway

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