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Conversions to R&D space could be the best option for suburban Boston office landlords facing a financial crossroads, real estate executives predicted at an economic forum focusing on the Metro North region.

“There’s a huge opportunity to refashion the stock of buildings going forward for clean tech, manufacturing and R&D,” said Kris Galletta, chief investment officer at Burlington-based developer Nordblom Co., at a Middlesex 3 Coalition event this week.

Leasing of traditional suburban office space has failed to recover in the post-COVID hybrid work era. And demand for office-to-lab conversions has evaporated amid the glut of life science availabilities and continuing increases in the local lab sublease inventory.

But an uptick in demand from the fast-growing clean energy sector points toward opportunities to find tenants looking for research space.

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The B&T Daily: April 5, 2024

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