Wary of a backlash at an upcoming town meeting, Burlington officials approved a plan to comply with the MBTA Communities law by rezoning four areas for multifamily development that already include large housing complexes.

A divided Planning Board voted 3-2 last week in favor of creating five new overlay districts totaling 68 acres, four of which already include apartments and condominiums.

“We need this to pass Town Meeting and we need to make this as easy and palatable as we can so that it passes,” Board Chair Barbara L’Heureux said.

L’Heureux’s explanation is becoming a familiar refrain in many communities worried about failing to secure compliance to the law, which would come with the risk of lawsuits from the state attorney general and being cut off from 13 important state grant programs.

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The B&T Daily: March 25, 2024

by Cassidy Norton time to read: 2 min