An outdoor concert was held in 2017 on the site of the former Channel nightclub in Boston’s Fort Point. The club played a pivotal role in launching many popular 1980s musical groups. Photo by Steve Adams | Banker & Tradesman Staff

What: The Channel nightclub opens
When: May 30, 1980
Where: Boston 

The Channel nightclub opens in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, attracting a diverse group of local and up-and-coming bands including The Cars, the Go-Go’s, ‘Til Tuesday and The B-52s throughout the 1980s. 

The neighborhood music scene fostered the growth of the Fort Point arts community, as vacant warehouses were converted into affordable studio space. 

Boston’s newest concert hall, Roadrunner in Brighton, is acknowledging The Channel’s role in local music history with a 42nd anniversary show on May 28 including performances by The Del Fuegos and a Channel All-Star Band. 

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“We didn’t want to be known as a punk club or a hard rock club or a blues club or a reggae club. We figured if we did all of those and featured a lot of local musicians, it would give these guys the same opportunities to play in front of a big crowd as the big bands get.” 

— Harry Booras, Channel co-founder, “Boston Venue, The Channel Podcast” 

This Month in History: The Channel Nightclub Opens

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