In the latest example of a company expanding its understanding of a work-life balance, six-month-old Hendrix has aged out of Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union’s bring your baby to work program.

Hendrix has been a fixture at the credit union for four months; his mother, Caitlyn Aguiar, assistant member service center manager, became the first parent to participate in the credit union’s Infant at Work program. Now that Hendrix is six months old, his time at the credit union has come to an end.

Jeanne D’Arc’s Infant at Work program allows moms and dads to bring their babies to work with them, up until the baby turns six months old or begins to crawl, whichever comes first. Hendrix turned six months on March 19, and he enjoyed his last day at work with his mom on Friday, March 16, including a good-bye party hosted by Aguiar’s colleagues.

No doubt caring for a baby while tending to work responsibilities is challenging; Aguiar, who has two other sons in addition to Hendrix, said the challenges were different than she anticipated, and were relatively easy to adjust to.

“You have to multitask no matter what you’re doing when you have kids, it’s a requirement, so it’s just a matter of figuring it out as you go,” Aguiar said in a statement. “I understood the challenges, but we’re adaptable, so we made it work and figured it out. I’ve been able to fulfill my duties and stay on track, and it hasn’t prevented me from doing anything.”

“We understand that for both babies and parents, having ample time to bond is so important. Our Infant at Work program gives them this chance,” Mark S. Cochran, president and CEO of Jeanne D’Arc, said in a statement. “We are thrilled with how successful the program was for Caitlyn and Hendrix, and we are very much looking forward to providing more parents in our organization with this opportunity.”

Baby Hendrix Graduates from Jeanne D’Arc’s Infant at Work Program

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