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Boston-based fintech company Centime has partnered with First National Bank of Omaha on a new cash management product for small and midsize businesses. FNBO will provide a credit feature to Centime’s platform, Cash Flow Control, and add the product to its online banking services for businesses.

Centime has worked with FNBO for 18 months to develop a cash flow solution for businesses, Centime said in a statement Monday. Centime said its product, which uses artificial intelligence, gives business clients “the power to optimize all aspects of their cash flow in one, easy-to-use, intelligent solution.”

The cloud-based product allows businesses to monitor cash inflows and outflows, improve decision-making with automatically updated real-time cash flow forecasting, contact late-paying customers and bridge liquidity gaps by accessing cost-effective credit, enabled by FNBO.

“At FNBO, driving innovation in banking is high on our agenda, and our partnership with Centime enables us to quickly deliver market-leading solutions to the tens of thousands of small and mid-sized businesses that we serve,” David E. Cota, executive vice president of FNBO’s business customer segment. “Our partnership with Centime is about solving a well-known problem and doing it creatively, while driving customer satisfaction.”

Centime was founded by BC Krisha and includes a team of banking, payments, design and fintech professionals.

“The depth of engagement between our teams has been breathtaking,” Krishna said of FNBO. “This partnership has demonstrated that there’s a lot more that agile, nimble fintechs can do by partnering with stable, established, venerable financial institutions – Centime Cash Flow Control is proof of that.”

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